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Spring 2022

Peer Conflict Resolutions As children grow you will notice their need for independence. How can we help them by empowering them to handle conflict? Many have been there when your child comes home and tells you that another child was mean to them or called them a name. One way…

The Gifts We Can Give

Tips & Activity Idea
 This time of year, when we are celebrating Christmas, we turn our attention to a variety of purchased gifts in all shapes, sizes, and prices. So many gifts, all wrapped in beautiful paper ready to be given to those we love! Do we ever think of the gifts that we…

Raising Thankful Kids

Child Skill Development
 Raising children in a society that is focused on the immediate, and the latest and greatest everything can be a challenge. We are fighting against the instant ability to have information at our fingertips. So, how can we raise children that are thankful and not raise children that complain when…

Issue No. 12-Summer Safety

Kindergarten Prep
It’s Summer, Let’s Have Fun Safely! The sun is out, and everyone is anxious to get outdoors. Summer can be a time filled with fun and adventure. There are also dangers along side the fun we all enjoy during the summer months. Let’s look at ways to keep your family…

Issue No. 10 February 16, 2021

Child Safety
“Boredom and Creativity-what’s the Link?” “I’m bored”, a famous statement amongst children. In a time where technology is making things readily available in a moment’s notice, we wonder how can our children be bored? Boredom can be a gateway to creativity if we allow the time for it to spark.…

Issue No. 11 March 22, 2021

Tips & Activity Idea
The Benefits of Reading to Your Child Reading to your child has benefits that will last a lifetime. Children gain many skills from listening to stories, and reading is also a great bonding experience. Books are a wonderful way to inspire your child’s imagination, grow their vocabulary, and increase their…