Lunch is at noon.

Each age group has a set time to go out, the teacher will give you a class schedule.

Nap time in 1:00 pm

Yes, we just ask that you call ahead and inform us.


Refer to the school calendar.

Yes, we do.

Yes, the administrative assistant at the front desk has the authorization to administer medication/lotion. All medication/lotion must have an authorization form submitted. The medicine/lotion is kept in the lobby area.

Menus are sent home every month and there are always extras at the front desk. You can choose what days you’d like by circling the dates on the monthly menu and submitting a check, money order or paying by credit card. Lunch is $4.50 per day and you can pay for one week at a time or for the whole month. Payments should be made a week in advance

We are a CASHLESS facility so we will only accept a check, credit card or money order.