Johanna Richardson


“My first grade teacher was my strongest role model and really guided me toward my early childhood career. I cherished the interactions and loving moments I shared with the children over my 20 plus years as a teacher. As the director I now have the chance to share those moments with the whole family. I deeply value every teacher in our program and empathize with the demands of an early child hood educator. My goal is to care for all; the children, the families and the teachers for they each play a vital part in what makes our school such and incredible place to love, learn and grow.”

Bree Fallon

Classroom Support Coach

“An early childhood educator was not just a career choice for me, it’s who I am on the deepest level. As a teacher for over 20 years I was given the opportunity to play a role in the most integral years of so many children’s lives. In my current position I now have the chance to reach all the children and families in our school. I am proud of every milestone I can help them reach, every comfort I know I can provide and every smile that I can bring to a child’s face. My work is my passion.”

Stephanie Rumer


“Customer service has always come natural to me. I enjoy helping families find exactly what they are looking for.”

Colleen Sakaitis

Administrative Assistant

“In my unique position I have the honor of being involved in every student and families lives.”

Ms. Angela

Classroom Coach

“I always wanted to be a teacher. It has allowed me the unique opportunity to help children and their families far beyond the walls of my classroom.”

Lead Teachers

Ms. Heather

Assistant teacher of pkC

“From an early age I knew I wanted to work with children in some capacity. I went back and forth between a pediatrician and a teacher. Once I started working at summer camps as a teenager, I knew my true passion was to become a teacher.”

Ms. Kristen

Lead Teacher of Older Toddlers A

“My love of children made teaching an easy career choice for me. Every child I teach becomes “one of my kids” and they will remain one of my kids long after they leave my classroom. Teaching at CLA isn’t just my job, it is my family.”

Ms. Jessica

Preschool 3B

“I find my role as a preschool teacher rewarding and at the same time challenging. I get to lay down a foundation that my students will carry on for life. My favorite part of my career is building lasting relationships with my students and their families.”

Ms. Caley

Lead of Kprep B

“I have always wanted to be a teacher! My mom is a teacher and growing up I watched the impact she had on her students. Even years after they left her class, students would come back and tell her how much she had effected their lives. Being a part of the foundations of a child’s learning and making a lasting impact on their lives is so important to me.”

Ms. Bozena


“Teaching is my passion and a gift from God. Being around the children fills my heart with happiness.”

Ms. Buki


“I started working at schools helping out from about the age of 13 and found myself returning there whenever I got a chance. I developed my love for teaching as I watched how the children’s curiosity would cause their eyes to light up. My desire is to help children enjoy learning and to grow to their full potential. I got into Christian education to help lead young minds in the right path towards Christ.”

Ms. Sandy


“God put me here to preach and teach his love and his word.”

Assistant Teachers

Ms. Sara


“I became a teacher because I love seeing the world through children’s eyes and exploring alongside side of them. CLA has a local reputation of quality in early childhood education and was a dream opportunity. I am honored to be a member of the CLA family along with my daughter!”

Ms. Renee

Assistant of PreK B

“Working for CLA has given me a passion for educating young children and to not only be their teacher, but someone to encourage their creativity and to provide them with an environment that they feel loved and safe in.”

Ms. Gabby

Older Toddler

“I have loved kids ever since my brother was born and I would help my mom take care of him. Every year he grew, my love for kids grew as well and I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. Watching them grow makes me happy and helping them learn brings joy to my heart. They help me grow to be a better me.”

Ms. Mary

Preschool 3B

“Watching children grow and learn is a reward of itself. I have always had a passion for helping others at an early age. For me that led to teaching and helping to shape the young minds of today for tomorrow.”

Ms. Tita

Assistant of KPREP A

“When I was in elementary school I had a very special teacher. She was very sweet and patient with me even when I struggled. She made me want to be a teacher and work with the children the same way she worked with me.”

Ms. Janicqua

Lead of PK C

“I have always wanted to make a difference in the life of a child. The most important thing for me is to provide a strong and nurturing relationship with all my children.”

Ms. Maddy


“Early childhood is filled with growth, learning, and fun. Everyday there is something new happening. Through a lot of hard work, I am thankful to be part of the amazing accomplishments and develop special connections with staff as well as students.”

Ms. Marissa

Assistant of Preschool A

“I have not always known that I wanted to be a teacher, as it was something I discovered later on in life. My love for children and watching them grow and progress gives me great joy and a sense of accomplishment.”

Ms. Faith

“CLA has felt like a family to me. Working with the staff and children has been very enjoyable.”

Ms. Jessica

“Ever since I had my first my first babysitting job, I knew I wanted to be in childcare and teaching.”

Ms. Jess H.

Assistant in Older Toddler B

“I believe that emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. I bring love, kindness, and laughter into all my classroom interactions.”

Ms. Dianna

Lead of Kprep A

“My mother was a teacher and a strong role model in life. Her love of teaching helped me to realize this was the path I wanted my life to take as well.”

Ms. Morgan

“I knew from a young age that I always wanted to work with Children. Being able to watch and help them grow Is the most rewarding part of being a teacher.”

Ms. Jossie

“I’ve always had a heart for children. Being a teacher brings so many rewards to me every day. At first I picked CLA because it was a part of my church and I wanted to work in an environment where God was always present. Now everyone is like family to me. There is no better place to be.”

Ms. Oksana

Assistant in Young Toddlers

“Ever since I was a child, I would lay out my stuffed animals on my bed and begin to teach them. I believe as teachers we have the privilege and the honor to make an impact. Children are like sponges- what we teach them is what they will give back. They are the future that will make an impact and a difference. Teaching is my calling and I am beyond grateful to fulfill it at CLA.”

Ms. Nancy

Lead Older Toddlers B

“When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up and become a teacher. God took me in different directions and I thought it was not meant to be. Then God lead me to CLA, and He has blessed my heart! I know that I am here because this was His plan for me! I am now a teacher! My God, in His perfect timing, fulfilled my heart’s desire!”

Ms. Arrianna


“It’s an amazing thing to watch children grow right in front of your eyes. I knew early on that I wanted to be a part of that. My faith led me to this Christian school where both my son and I can be a part of this wonderful experience.”