Karen C.

CLA has been THE BEST starting point for both of my children. I toured other schools and found none compared to the perfect blend of academics and loving care that my children received here. The teachers and entire staff are truly exceptional and provided such a warm and fun environment for my children to learn in. They both left totally prepared both socially and academically for kindergarten. Grateful to this amazing staff and school for proving such a positive foundation for education. My children still name the teachers here as their favorites, they were sad to leave when it was time to move on. Truly, the best decision ever!!

Alex N.

My son attended the school from prek3 to kinder garden. The kind and loving atmosphere there totally shocked me. My son loved going there every day and the way Ms. Cherry treated all the kids in the class has affected him in so many good ways. It is there where he fell in love with reading and studying. What I loved the most is the way teachers treated all the unpleasant situations my son have caused at times - with respect and valuable advice. Ms. Debby coached him into a better person that gave me a good example of how to treat my kids at home too. Another thing that I loved was the family events. Man those are memorable and I am so glad I got my son to experience great father's day, mother's, family nights, picnics, and farm outings.

Anjuli Alger

Our one year old started going here and he has learned so many words. He enjoys going. The team is great here!! This also really affordable for 5 days full time. The best is he can learn about the lord. Thank you Christian Life Academy!!

Christine A.

Both of my kids went to CLA from pre-k 3 to pre-k 4 and they both learned so much going to this wonderful school. I feel that it really helped them be prepared for Kindergarten. I would and have always recommend this school. the teachers and principal are the best!!

Krishna Patel

My son started CLA when he was 3 years. There was instant change in his behavior for the better. Teachers are so loving and caring. He is in Kindergarten now but he still often remembers his teacher and friends from Pre-K. Great School. I highly recommend this school to to anyone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jessica Mary

After almost 8 years, today was the last time we walked through the doors of CLA. Three of my children attended CLA and my two youngest were just babies when they started. I can not say enough wonderful things about the teachers and staff here. Each day I had to leave my kids to go to work, I had peace in my heart knowing that they would be loved and cared for by their teachers just as I would. I am going to miss everyone there.
If you are reading this in search of a place for your baby, but only want the very best care and refuse to settle for less...Please, take it from me, this staff is the best of the best!!!!! CLA teachers- you will hold a special place in my heart forever.

Tatyana N.

Love love love this school! My kids received a great education and I could see their progress in learning throughout the year. Very pleased with the information they cover and things my kids experienced and learned. They never if rarely came home with bad attitudes or acted not taken care of. I would say they were always excited and loved attending. My two boys attended from pre-k 2 to 5 (and kindergarten when they had it).
Now a few years later, we are back and I am bringing my 3rd son- starting in the 2yr-old room. So excited!


My daughter loved her time at CLA! She learned everything she needed to for K and was prepared academically and socially. I wish I would have sent my older daughter here as well! I highly recommend CLA!

Lauren Eichmann

This our second year at CLA, and I could not be anymore pleased. Every aspect of CLA is wonderful, from the smiling welcoming faces in the morning, to the communication daily along with weekly and not to mention the amazing curriculum. My daughter has grown in leaps and bounds and I thank ALL the staff at CLA. She will be going into kindergarten next year, my family and I are saddened that we will have to say good bye!

Lisa Owens

My son enjoyed his time at CLA. He loved the music and learning about God. In a time of Covid where most of the world was shut down, he was still able to learn with children his age in a safe and kind setting. We love the teachers and staff!

Ron Gairo

Our daughter loves it here! Great teachers and staff! She is learning so much!

Erin Szczypkowski

All 3 of my children attended CLA and they loved every minute of it. The teachers and staff were phenomenal. My children were fully prepared to move on to kindergarten, and have been extremely successful academically and socially. I’m very grateful we had the opportunity to have CLA be apart of our family’s journey.

Joe Giuliante

A very secure and smoothly run academy both my grandsons loved going there.

Sponheimer Family

We enrolled our son later into CLA. I was very worried as he was never in a school setting before let alone away from parents that long. Our son asked to go back every day and even attended camp! Ms Sandy went above and beyond and spent that extra one on one time that it took to help my child succeed. He was above where he should have been when they tested him in Kindergarten. We cannot say enough great things about the teachers and the rest of the staff at CLA! Thank you from the Sponheimer Family!

Kimberlee Nicole Sutton

My daughter attended school here from three years old to five years old and absolutely loved it my son attends school there now I couldn’t be happier with the teachers and their learning development.

Sutton Family

We miss CLA so much. Both of our children had the pleasure of attending , it wasn’t just a school it became more like family. With such compassionate and attentive teachers . We were blessed , our memories there will stay with us . Stay happy and healthy.

Lauryn T.

I HIGHLY recommend this school and summer camp. My daughter spent many pre-k years here and both my daughter and her older brother have attended many summers here. This is not just a daycare, they teach and love the children as their own. The days are structured and the kids have so much fun! Every single teacher is truly amazing! They go above and beyond in every way. This school is truly a gem in Bensalem. The newest director, Mrs.Johanna is absolutely amazing! Don't even waste your time looking elsewhere. This is the best around!

Dave M.

Great Christian school, strong family values. Love the teachers and my wife loves all of the special family events. Highly recommend. Love that they spend so much time outdoors in the summer!

Tatyana Novik

I love this school! Soo worth the investment of giving your child the opportunity to be in a positive, caring, loving atmosphere where they memorize Bible verses, teach manners, honor & respect, music, health, eating-on-your-own, potty-on-your-own, letters, numbers, educational & experimental opportunities, colors, creativity, and all the like! They invest the best in your child to encourage their self esteem and independance. Highly recommended.

Nia Gillott

Love the staff and appreciate the love and kindness that they pour into our kids!!!

Tara Lepore

I have been with Christian life academy of early learning since 2011 and have loved it since then. The curriculum is appealing to the children and the staff is absolutely amazing! Highly recommend!

Donna Monroe Phelps

The Children’s different needs are addressed and they are taught with love and compassion.


My children loved the CLA community teachers staff the kids it was one big family my kids were so sad to leave I cried the day it was over but will always cherish the memories great school academically and socially.

Sam L.

My daughter attends this school and is also in the 2 year old classroom. In response to the review left by Lydia H.- removing a child from a school is an extreme response and I know those teachers did what they did in order to keep my child and the other 17 children in this class safe. Shame on you for blaming them. We all observed what was happening and I applaud their decision. As for this school they are amazing, my daughter runs into her teachers arms every morning. She is learning sign language, she knows bible stories and can say bible verses. she can count to 20, she recognizes her letters and is beginning phonics, she has mastered colors and shapes and they even got her potty trained!!! I credit this school and these teachers for how far she has come. Love this place!!

Stacey C.

In 2010, this place was the first daycare/preschool we looked at for our daughter to start going 2 days a week when she was 2. She loved it so much that when she was in the 3 year old room she asked to go 5 days a week! Our son started the year our daughter went into the 3 yr old room. From that first day when Ms Joanna was there with Ms. Lisa to now with a new Ms. Johanna we have never regretted our decision for both of our children. The teachers are absolutely amazing both the primary and the assistants. The current director is just unbelievable amazing. She is vibrant, loves the kids. She and her staff from the teachers, assistants and special program teachers - chapel, music and the lunch people make CLA the best of Bensalem! We were and are blessed to have had and still lhave these people in our life!

Stacey Champion

Both of our children went here for pre-school. We couldn't have asked for a better school!

Marci P.

Both our children attended Christian Life Academy of Early Learning and we are so grateful for the time they spent there learning, growing and laughing. The beautiful atmosphere and extraordinary teachers cultivated in them a thirst for information and grace in their hearts. They are better people because of this school; it laid the foundation for a lifetime love of learning and even more importantly an enthusiasm and kindness that they now radiate into the world. Christian Life Academy gave them the confidence to follow their dreams and the comfort to love who they are. Could never be thankful enough.

Shannon R.

After extensive research and lots of visits to local preschools, we decided to send our daughter to Christian Life Academy, where she spend 3 incredible years, including summer camp! During that time, she learned so much and truly thrived academically and socially. More importantly though, it was the warmest, happiest and most family oriented school I've even known! The teachers and administration truly make you feel like family and it was reassuring knowing that our daughter was spending her days in a bubble of love!
Because of CLA, we have made beautiful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Olivia Thomas

My child can't wait to go every Tuesday and Thursday. He loves his teacher very much.

steve c.

Moving to Bensalem and looking for the best daycare for our children my wife and I went and explored what there was to offer. After we walked into CLA, we both knew that this was the right place. When our daughter first started, she had a very severe speech delay. The teachers and staff at CLA went above and beyond to work with her and when she left, she did not qualify for speech entering Kindergarten. Our son is in his third year now and we could not be more grateful for how prepared he will be for Kindergarten. We highly recommend CLA and will miss the wonderful staff that we have grown to know!

Jojo0 G

My son was at a home daycare for about 2 years. When he started attending Christian Life Academy-there was an instant change in his behavior for the better. The staff and management are WONDERFUL, understanding and have changed my life because they impacted my sons behavior positively. He is now more structured and well mannered. What a great school and I am thankful they are in our community!! I highly recommend this school to anyone!!! 10 STARS

Brandi Jusino

Wonderful teachers who take care of the children like they are their own. Everyone is friendly, clean place with great security measures. The kids actually learn each day. They have organized days of fun learning activities and details reports about what they are doing.highly recommend

Lisa Lochel

“I was on the fence about doing a pre k year with my summer baby … i decided that CLA was a good fit and offered everything we were looking for . From the first day at CLA you and your child are welcomed with open arms ! Everyone is so kind and caring for your child , they take the time to work on each child’s needs and while still having structure . I can not say enough positive things about CLA !!! We loved it! And we will be back for summer camp!!”


Both our children attended CLA from around a year until Kindergarten. I cannot express that gratitude I feel to the staff there for taking such amazing care of our kids. Sending a child to school can be so emotionally draining, nerve racking and difficult. They have always made me feel safe and comfortable. I have always felt they truly cared about them, wanted the best for them and would treat them like their own. Thank you for everything! I would recommend you 100%!

Douglas family

My daughter loved CLA she’s always talking about her teacher and how much she misses her.

Melanie Johnson

My two year old son attends CLA. The staff is professional and compassionate. It’s an exceptional environment for my son AND our family. My son is excited to go and we are at ease when we drop him off. I have nothing negative to say about this school. Thank you CLA!!!!!!


My child has a deep rooted religious belief that I am very thankful for especially in these current times.

Amy Long

This is where you send your child to be loved the way you would love them. We’re very thankful for the love, support, encouragement and lessons instilled in our son.

Judith M.

A wonderful school with the most amazing and caring teachers! My daughter loved every second of her time there.

Toni Shaw

I absolutely love the school. My granddaughter attends. I couldn't ask for a better place for her to be. The staff is excellent and she loves it there. Love the facility. Plenty of room for them to run and play indoors when the weather doesn't cooperate. I would recommend it to anyone I know!! �